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“Sylvia is a wonderful person to work with! She brings a certain joy with her that people feed off of. She is results driven and people-oriented at the same time. This helps her to successfully manage people who report to her.
She is a great leader and mentor, encouraging those around her to reach for success.
Sylvia is passionate about what she does and is a dedicated, hard-working and goal-focused professional.”  

Jolene Philips, Client Manager at LeadPile

“I've had the pleasure of working with Sylvia on several projects over the last five years, and can honestly say that I have experienced very few people who bring her level of professionalism, efficiency and enthusiasm to a partnership. When working with so many moving parts across different campaigns, I always appreciated Sylvia’s direct and detail oriented manner of approaching a project. She has been a joy to work with in the past and I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Lara Colucci, Director of Business Development at LeadFlash



“Sylvia is one of those rare managers who also served as an inspiring mentor for the team. Not only is she a hardworking metrics wizard, but she has the big picture analytics skills to know where to focus and prioritize. She was always concerned with making sure we had what we needed to get the job done and that people were growing. Hands down, Sylvia is one of the BEST managers I have ever had. A great example of leadership that showed empathy, a strong work ethic, and delivered with a positive energy. Sylvia would be a valuable addition to any company she chooses to join, and I enthusiastically recommend her for any future endeavor she puts her mind to.”

Heather Huston, Marketing & Communication Specialist

“Sylvia's strongest professional skill is bringing a results-driven mindset to integrated marketing. She continuously measures and optimizes tactics and keeps her teams always focused on the right business goals. As a leader, Sylvia personally takes the initiative to develop her employees and implement cross training and everyone that works with her grows exponentially in their professional skill sets and value to the business. She has a never-ceasing positive attitude and energy that uplifts everyone around her every day.”

Craig Ray, Digital Marketing and Communication Manager


“Sylvia is a great leader who understands how to rally the team, provide a holistic view to goals, and mentor people to grow in their careers and understanding of the business world. She has a strategic mind-set, is results driven, and can put an integrated channel marketing plan together that melds all channels together to bring the highest ROI to campaigns. Sylvia’s energy, passion, and knowledge of the digital and traditional world bring a wealth of assets to any company she works with and I hope to work with her for years to come.”

Dawn Hyde-Burger, Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Expert

“Dynamic, vivacious, intelligent, creative, strategic and collaborative—Sylvia is the perfect balance between being a people and business-minded professional. A noted public speaker, Sylvia is a relationship and team-building guru. She is the epitome of diligence and commitment who gives every day, all shes got. And she manages to ALWAYS do it with finesse and a smile. Sylvia runs a tight ship who delivers BIG results, and her team adores her. She has my respect and endorsement as a leader and a colleague.”

Casey Knox, President at American Advertising Federation Chattanooga